Cornwall Court

Cornwall Court is a block of 15 flats situated at 12 Crescent Road, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand.

Cornwall Court was built in 1965. The original sale brochure spoke of 'modern luxury flats in a landscaped garden setting bordering on lovely Cornwall Park ... for sale to discriminating buyers who seek beauty, privacy, convenience and freedom from everyday chores.'

In 1965 there was no mechanism in law to grant titles of ownership to units in blocks of flats. This did not come till the passing of the Unit Titles Act in 1972.

Cornwall Court retains the scheme of ownership created in 1965. Cornwall Court Limited is a flat owning company which owns the entire property on one title. Unit occupiers purchase shares in the company in return for circumscribed rights to occupy a unit.

The powers given to directors of flat owning companies are extensive and have not been exercised responsibly at Cornwall Court.

The company has a thirty year history of partial management and intimidation of shareholders. Unit occupiers are treated no better than tenants. The lawbreaking by directors at Cornwall Court brings distress to shareholders and should be of concern to all law abiding citizens of New Zealand.

Cornwall Court front view
Cornwall Court looking from road (front view)

Cornwall Court back view
Cornwall Court looking from Cornwall Park (back view)

Cornwall Court internal view
Cornwall Court looking from swimming pool (internal view)

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